Home Essentials for People with Broken Bones

Lesson #5: Before you leave the room, check around you. It might save a trip.

I have found some essentials to be important as I recover from my broken left foot. It’s so hard to get around, that whatever you can do to be organized can make you feel a bit more in control of your life and make things a tad bit easier. Please add your favorite things!

  • Stretchy black pants. These are easy on, easy off and easy to clean. I’ve found yoga pants to be perfect for me.  Thankfully, athletic gear is now a fashion statement, so you can wear them around the house and dress them up for a trip to the doctor.
  • Personal wipes. There are many different kinds available, I happened to have Cottonelle with their handy container, and I am using them in the bathroom. These wipes are much easier to use than standing at the sink for a sitz bath. They are great for cleaning all body crevices that can get smelly and skanky. It also feels good to clean a bit under my cast and between my toes.
  • Adult sippy cup. A spill proof container is a must have for toting water. Get one that you can hook around your finger as you travel with your crutches. Again, thanks to sports gear, there are many kinds available everywhere. I’m using a Camelbak. I also use my travel thermal mug for tea – no spills!
  • Messenger Bag. Getting your stuff like glasses, coffee, books, newspapers, magazines, and lunch from one room to another is much easier with a medium-sized massager bag. These have one strap that fits across the chest and you can position the bag out of the way on your back. It’s easy to put on and swing around to load up, then adjust out of the way so you can move.
  • Bench. I happened to have a weight bench that is stable and cushioned. I positioned it where I can sit to get dressed and stand with my knee on it to dry my hair. Very efficient.
  • Small cross body tote. My normal purse holds everything imaginable, but for now I only need a few items when I leave the house: keys, phone, credit card, medical card, reading glasses, Kleenex, lipstick. What I really need fits into a small, clutch size bag. I don’t need to be carrying any additional weight.
  • Waterproof cast cover. It took four days to muster up the courage to stand in the shower; but it was totally worth it. It takes time and extra effort, so a shower is not yet a daily event for me, but something I look forward to. I have a walk-in shower, but stepping is still requires focus. If you have a tub shower, a transfer bench might also provide you with this delightful experience.
  • Calcium and vitamin D. As my bones mend back together, they need calcium to mineralize the bone. Vitamin D helps get the calcium into circulation and as a bonus helps prevent falls. I have increased my calcium and vitamin D. I am boosting the 900 mg of calcium I already get from my food with two 500 mg tablets of calcium – one in the morning and one in the evening and 2,000 IUs of vitamin D every day. In a few weeks, I will go back down to my regular intake of 1,000-1,200.

As things change and I venture out more, I may find other helpful ideas to share.

Kathleen Cody, Executive Director, loves advocacy and education, and believes prevention is the key to a long healthy life. She sorts through the latest scientific and research data for information that can help people make good decisions about their bone health and is focused on providing easy to use and understandable tools and resources for the public. Kathleen is a Tarheel at heart from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and an honors graduate of the University of San Francisco’s MBA program.

Reviewed: 3/17/19

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