This past weekend I was at the Wildflower Triathlon in southern California to support my husband Jeff do the race.  Little did I know, but there were thousands of people there to compete and it felt more like a festival than an athletic event.  There was live music, vendors, all types of food for sale and it literally felt like one huge party.  We had so much fun!

One thing I noticed when walking around the event was how many different types of nutritional supplements were for sale, being advertised or sampled at the event.  From sport gummies to special recovery drinks to energy balls, it seemed like they had come up with everything.

In triathlons, nutrition is crucial to help you last through the swim, bike and run.  My husband fills his water bottle with a sugary drink with electrolytes and tapes energy gu’s and energy bars to his bike so that he can refuel during his race.  Pro triathletes break it down like science for the amount of calories they must take during competition to have optimal performance. 

Similar to triathletes, all athletes should do the same in their sports.  In soccer games, having an energy bar and liquids during half time should be mandatory to fuel your energy output.  In a track race, nutrition should be followed immediately if it’s a short race and can be taken during the race if it’s a long one.  We athletes need to match our energy output with calories so that we can thrive and be healthy AND perform well!

Nutrition tip of the day: There are so many ways companies have made it easy to stay fueled while competing – whether it’s gu, a bar, a sports drink, etc. Go out there and find one that you like. Try different flavors and different forms. Practice taking them during practice and you will really see the difference in your performance.  Providing proper energy for yourself is crucial to be the best you can be and for your body and bones to be strong!


Clara Horowitz, Runner, NCAA 5-time All-American National Cross-country Medalist.

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