• The fall that befell me by Kathleen Cody, Executive Director

    In a split second, I found myself on the receiving end of a broken bone.

    I have been preaching about bone health for 15 years. Now I am in the throws of broken bones that are having a major impact on my life as I knew it.  In 6–8 weeks, I will be back to somewhat normal; but the memories of pain and fear will likely subside.

    I want to collect those memories and lessons so it never happens to me again. And if it helps you, all the better

  • The Miracle of the Human Body

    I hate to write ANOTHER blog about being pregnant, but because I am two weeks away from my due date, I cannot get anything but pregnancy and babies out of my mind!  When pregnant, it is amazing to witness and experience how amazing the human body is.  Over the past 9 months I have watched my body go through incredible changes while growing another human being and just because it is my third time, it does not make it any less exciting.   More than anything is has been fun to compare pregnancy to pregnancy.

    What is interesting, is that running has become easier and easier with each child.  With my son (my first born) being pregnant was a scary and foreign feeling.  I was nervous that running too much would not let him grow, and acclimating the bladder pressure and body changes while running was very challenging.  Then with my daughter (my second born) a lot of the discomforts that come along with pregnancy and running pregnant seemed less stressful…

  • Boost your food!

    I am now 30 weeks pregnant and still running 6-8 miles a day.  One of the things that has allowed me to continue to run through this pregnancy is my healthy diet.  Nutrition for athletes is more than just shoving food in our faces to fuel up for our next events, but it is about choosing the foods we eat carefully so that we can get optimal nutrition.  For example, I have always been a fan of bagels and cream cheese.  They are easy to digest before a run and a nice balance of protein and fat.  While bagels and cream cheese are good for runners and athletes, why not try and bump it up a notch nutritionally?  Rather than just having the plain white bagel with the plain white cream cheese, try something new.  Switch the white bagel to multi-grain and swap the cream cheese for almond butter.  Then to make it even more nutritious, sprinkle sunflower seeds and raisins on…

  • US Track and Field Championships

    I just finished watching the US track and field championships that took place over this past weekend in Des Moines, Iowa.  It was so exciting to watch and there were so many phenomenal athletes competing.  The top three in each event is awarded a spot on the US team to compete in the world championships.  If this was an Olympic year, it is the equivalent to making it to the Olympics.  Many of my friends from college and the running community were running in the distance events, so it was fun to have people to cheer for!

    It was clear by watching these athletes that they all treat their bodies with perfection.  Not only are they assisting their training with all sorts of plyometrics and exercises, but also they all take very good care of themselves through nutrition.  Depending on the event, the nutritional needs for America’s top track and field athletes can be very specific and also critical in order to stay healthy and perform optimally.  For distance…

  • Super Bowl Sunday!

    Watching the Super Bowl this past Sunday was so fun!  Obviously I wish that the 49er’s won being from the Bay Area and all, but it was still an exciting game to watch nonetheless.  Football players are so strong and so intense!  They must have stronger bones than any other human on earth!  The way they take and make tackles without getting more hurt blows my mind.  I am an elite runner, which is basically the opposite of a football player, but it is interesting to investigate any similarities that I might share with some of these incredible athletes.

    For anyone that watched the super bowl yesterday, you know that there was a power outage that led to a 30-minute delay during the game.  It was so cool to watch the football players during this time.  Instead of whining on the sidelines about something that was completely out of their control, they were all out on the field doing exercises and drills to stay warm and ready to go back to battle.  This was the first time…

  • And the Race Goes On!

    I ran in the California International Marathon this past Sunday. It was an AMAZING event that took place in Sacramento. The race started 26 miles away from the finish and the runners crossed the line in front of the capital building. The weather was terrible! There were 38 mph winds and pouring rain the entire race! Leading up to the race there were flood warnings all over the news and talk about a terrible storm scheduled to hit during the hours of the race. After months of training, I could have taken this as very disappointing news because my goal of breaking 2:30 was out the window due to the high head winds expected, but instead I put my battle face on. 

    I don’t think that I had ever been outside in weather with 38 mph winds before Sunday, and before the race I had to face my fears of stepping onto a starting line ready to run 26.2 miles through the storm. Once the gun went off however, I immediately fell into a perfect rhythm. There was a large pack of…

  • Volunteer experience!

    I had the amazing opportunity this past weekend to be part of American Bone Health’s information table at a Science Fair held at NASA Ames Space Center in Mountain View, California.  Along with other senior service agencies, we shared our knowledge about how to improve the lives of seniors with over 300 fourth through eighth grade students and their adult mentors or parents. They were getting ideas about a special science project called “Senior Solutions.” What was so important, was that we were able to spread our message about bone health to them as well, because we know that everyone, no matter your age, needs to learn how to take care of their bones!  So, through the interactive materials we brought with us, they were able to see how much they knew about bone health and what information they were missing.  We had them take a quiz and answer some simple questions about what foods provide calcium, how much calcium they need for their age, how important Vitamin D…

  • Road Racing

    This summer I have been road racing a lot.  Road races are such a blast.  There are usually thousands of people all out to run the streets of wherever the race is while hundreds of more people come out to cheer.  One of the most fun ones that I did was the wharf-to-wharf race in Santa Cruz.  It was such a party!  There were over 15 bands on the 6 mile course blasting music while other spectators were screaming encouraging cheers at all of the runners.

    My goal was to be one of the top four runners because there was only prize money for 1st through 4th.  I knew it could be tough because there were a lot of East African runners competing, and they are always the toughest competitors.  At the beginning of the race I must not have warmed up enough because my legs felt really bad.  While I came through the first mile in 5:12, it felt like I had just run a 4:45.  The front pack was well ahead of me before I knew it as my pace dropped to about a 5:20.


  • Alcohol and bone health

    Bright and early yesterday I heard NPR report the results of study of women who stopped drinking alcohol for 2 weeks. The researcher measured the bone turnover markers and concluded that the alcohol had the effect of slowing the bone remodeling process.

    Red flags went off for me – but I listened to the end of the report and thankfully the author included a quote from a scientist who admits that studies can be misinterpreted and we must be careful about the impact of their conclusions and the messages we might send.

    OK – excellent. Crisis averted.

  • Nutrition for your bones

    Watching the Olympic Trials coverage this past month has been so inspirational.  Obviously I loved watching the track and field, but the swimming and gymnastics were also so cool.  The athletes competing were all America’s best and they clearly had been working so hard to get where they were.  Additionally watching the joy on the faces of the athletes who made the Olympic team made me want to get out there and train harder.

    Granted that all of the athletes training for the Olympics are all training for their own specific events, they all share the same discipline and dedication.  One of the aspects that athletes at this high a level have to focus on is their nutrition.  Swimmers for example have to eat like 8 thousand calories a day because they are in the pool so much! I know personally as a competitive runner that we have to eat so much more food to support our training and most of us make sure that it is all healthy food full of nutrients and healthy fats.  Also, making…