• Baby Ramsey is Born!

    This past Friday, April 3rd, I finally gave birth to my son Ramsey Peterson at 8:48 PM.  It was a long and very exciting day which I can easily call the best day of my life.  Having a baby for a week now has made me think about the stages of my life that I have been through so far.  Granted that the stage I am entering is motherhood, I still feel very young (only being 25) and not too much different than I did when I was in middle school and high school writing down my running goals.

    When I was writing my goals down back then, I never would have thought as far out as having a baby, however it may not have been a bad idea.  If I had not been healthy through my teens as a serious athlete, I may not be in this wonderful phase of my life of motherhood.  Eating to fuel our sports helps us keep a regular menstrual cycle which then lets us absorb

  • Springtime!

    Last week spring officially began!  The weather is getting nicer and you can really feel the season changing in the air.  The change of the season causes all sorts of changes around us  as well.  The days are getting longer, different fruits are filling our supermarkets and of course spring sports are beginning.

    Whatever your sport may be, now is the time to make your goals and get committed.  Be at all of your practices, put your competitions up on the calender so your parents will know when they are and get all your gear ready whether it is a new pair of track spikes or a few extra pairs of soccer shorts.  Do what you need to do to shift gears.

    Along with planning for your new sport, plan to eat well this season to.  Start with making sure you have energy bars or snacks in your gym bag everyday.  Always  have water bottles ready with sports drinks or water.  Let your parents know what kinds of food you want to have around to keep your body fueled.

  • Responsibilities

    Now that I am 25, married and pregnant, I have so many more responsibilities that I used to when I was younger.  Additionally I have two black labs that also require a great deal of attention and keep me busy.  Despite all my responsibilities however, I always make my health, body and bones my priority.  Eating lots of nutritious foods, responding to my bodies signals while training and getting rest are all extremely important for athletes, especially growing females.

    When I look back to when I was 12-18 years old I had far less responsibilities.  Even though there was plenty on my plate with schoolwork, sports and having a social life the only person depending on me was me.  When I think about the past, I notice that there was many times that I could have been healthier to my body.  Whether it was getting to bed a reasonable hour (which I often did not do) or eating nutritious food, there was many places that I might have made better decisions for my body.


  • My mom’s 60th

    Yesterday was my mom’s 60th birthday.  Granted that she easily can get away with being 10 maybe even 15 years younger, she embraces her new “senior citizen” status with pride.  My family had a wonderful time out to dinner to celebrate last night at a festive Puerto Rican restaurant in San Rafael.

    After the delicious chocolate cake was brought out, my mother immediately ordered a few glasses of tall milk to go with the cake.  She insisted that we all had some and included that everyone should always drink tall glasses of milk every night before they go to bed.

    My mom has preached to us about drinking milk as long as I can remember and I have been pretty good about getting a tall glass in here and there.  Last night however, I felt as though I was seeing first hand how effective it can be on a person.  My mother, who now is 60, has bones of steel.  She plays tennis, hikes and even jogs around the neighborhood occasionally.  Her energy and health …

  • Fuel Your Sport!

    Since I have been pregnant, running really hasn’t been too hard until the past few weeks.  As I near my due date and my belly gets bigger my runs have been shorter and slower (if they happen at all).  As I take more time away from the sport, I miss it more and more everyday.  Obviously the exciting preparation for a little baby boy has been my distraction, but I am anxious to transition out of pregnancy mode and hit the trails full speed again.

    This made me realize how much pleasure my sport brings to me.  Without training I feel like I am missing an important part of my day, and without competing I am itching to get back out there and rub elbows with my competitors.

    My excuse for taking some downtime is both healthy and exciting which is why is isn’t that hard as an athlete and very manageable.  Other reasons that to take athletes away from their sports may not be as healthy and exciting however.  Stress fractures, strains from overuse, feeling burnt…

  • What does your sport do for you?

    The other day when I was on a walk/jog out on the trails when groups of high school runners went by me in the opposite direction.   I would know they were coming because I would hear laughing and chatting from a few turns ahead on the trail and wait for it to get louder as the group got closer to me.

    I noticed that everyone was running with at least two other people or even in groups as large as 10 kids.  I also noticed that everyone was really happy and enjoying the training run they were on.  This made me think about all of the wonderful runs that have been more like social events with girls on my high school and college teams.  Even today, running with one or two other people when I am out there  makes running so much more fun.  When you are chatting with someone and enjoying the company of other people you can get so much more out of the run that just more miles to write down in your training log.

    This made me think about sports in general.  I always made…

  • My “Staycation”

    My Husband and I had this entire week off work (we are both teachers at Marin Country Day School).  For a while we were trying to decide what neat trip to go on, or extra fun plans that we were definitely going to do.  At first we thought we would go to Arizona for some high altitude training (my husband is a triathlete, however being pregnant, this idea didn’t seem as fun to me).  We also contemplated visiting my Aunt in Palm Beach, Fl.  In the end we we decided just to stay home (due to my pregnancy and just needing to spend a week really relaxing).

    Granted that we did some major preparing for the baby (we went to all day birth classes, set up the crib, registered for baby stuff etc.) we truly did just relax most of the vacation.  Along with running on the trails (and swimming and biking in my husbands case) we did a lot of movie watching on rainy days, cooking, going out to dinners and walking our dogs.  It ended up being one of the best vacations ever.  We truly…

  • Thinking Ahead

    My neighbor broke her foot last week and has been on crutches.  At first I didn’t think much of it, but I have been to her house to help her with simple chores like taking out the trash and bringing groceries in from the car.

    I noticed how inconvenienced her life has been since the injury and how difficult it is for her to do do simple things that I take for granted every day.

    This immediately got me thinking about bone health.  I thought about how important it is to have a healthy strong foundation that lasts your whole life.  Sometimes I feel invincible and think, “oh that would never happen to me” but I’m sure my neighbor felt the same way when she was younger.

  • Listening to my Body

    I was running the other day and feeling heavy legged.  I had been eating more than enough and following by bodies cravings, so I new it was just my body telling me to slow down a little. I decided to listen to these signals, stop, walk back and call it a day.  I felt this way most likely because I am pregnant, but I can remember times during intense training in my pre-pregnancy days when I felt the same way.  This would happen to me on rare occasions despite my better than adiquate nutrition intake.  When I felt tired in workouts, I simply knew it was just my body asking for one more recovery day, or even an easy week of light jogging.  When I ask a lot of my body, I always give it lots of food and when that’s not enough, I know it just wants come good old fashion rest.

    When I give my body a break my muscles recover faster and my immune system functions better.  I used to think I was whimping out when I felt tired and didn’t want to do the workout or wanted…

  • Birthday Goals

    It was my 25th birthday on Monday (January 26th) and I had a fantastic day!  My husband decorated the house with “happy birthday” decorations before I woke up.  I went on a beautiful six mile run with my dogs.  And best of all, my family took me out to the “Lark Creek Inn”, my favorite restaurant.

    On my Birthday I always make a list of goals that I want to accomplish during the next year of my life (in this case as a 25-year-old).  I put down important things like, “be a good mom”.  I also usually have some running goals like the times I want to run and the races I want to win.  Most importantly however, I always include to “fuel my bones”.  I keep a goal every year to fuel my sport and match my exercise with healthy nutrition.  Even though I eat very well and have good bone density, keeping “excellent nutrition” as a goal to maintain my strength and health is always a good way to remember how…