• Thinking Ahead

    My neighbor broke her foot last week and has been on crutches.  At first I didn’t think much of it, but I have been to her house to help her with simple chores like taking out the trash and bringing groceries in from the car.

    I noticed how inconvenienced her life has been since the injury and how difficult it is for her to do do simple things that I take for granted every day.

    This immediately got me thinking about bone health.  I thought about how important it is to have a healthy strong foundation that lasts your whole life.  Sometimes I feel invincible and think, “oh that would never happen to me” but I’m sure my neighbor felt the same way when she was younger.

  • Listening to My Body

    I was running the other day and feeling heavy legged.  I had been eating more than enough and following by bodies cravings, so I new it was just my body telling me to slow down a little. I decided to listen to these signals, stop, walk back and call it a day.  I felt this way most likely because I am pregnant, but I can remember times during intense training in my pre-pregnancy days when I felt the same way.  This would happen to me on rare occasions despite my better than adiquate nutrition intake.  When I felt tired in workouts, I simply knew it was just my body asking for one more recovery day, or even an easy week of light jogging.  When I ask a lot of my body, I always give it lots of food and when that’s not enough, I know it just wants come good old fashion rest.

    When I give my body a break my muscles recover faster and my immune system functions better.  I used to think I was whimping out when I felt tired and didn’t want to do the workout or wanted…

  • Birthday Goals

    It was my 25th birthday on Monday (January 26th) and I had a fantastic day!  My husband decorated the house with “happy birthday” decorations before I woke up.  I went on a beautiful six mile run with my dogs.  And best of all, my family took me out to the “Lark Creek Inn,” my favorite restaurant.

    On my birthday I always make a list of goals that I want to accomplish during the next year of my life (in this case as a 25-year-old).  I put down important things like, “be a good mom.”  I also usually have some running goals like the times I want to run and the races I want to win.  Most importantly however, I always include to “fuel my bones.”  I keep a goal every year to fuel my sport and match my exercise with healthy nutrition.  Even though I eat very well and have good bone density, keeping “excellent nutrition” as a goal to maintain my strength and health is always a good way to remember how important eating…