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Sleep Apnea and Bone Loss

There are many medical conditions that have a negative impact on bone health. Researchers are now linking sleep apnea with bone loss. A study concluded

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How To: Yoga

What you’ll need You’ll need to wear comfortable clothing that won’t get in the way of your stretching. T-shirts, shorts, sweats, and tank tops are

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How To: Walking

What you’ll need Shoes are the most important part of your walking gear. Good walking shoes are generally flat, but flexible, so your foot rolls

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How To: Tennis

What you’ll need What’s all the racket about racquets? Well, you can’t play tennis without one. If you’re buying a junior racquet, choose the longest

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How To: Softball

What you’ll need Glove. You’ll need a glove that fits your hand and skill level, and is geared to the position you play. There’s a

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How To: Snow Skiing

What you’ll need Skis. The tip of your upright ski should reach your face between your nose and chin. The bindings (the part that holds

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How To: Jump Rope

What you’ll need A rope! Duh. But not all ropes are actually made of rope. Ropes come in cloth (regular rope), speed (skinny cord), beaded

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