• Birthday Goals

    It was my 25th birthday on Monday (January 26th) and I had a fantastic day!  My husband decorated the house with “happy birthday” decorations before I woke up.  I went on a beautiful six mile run with my dogs.  And best of all, my family took me out to the “Lark Creek Inn”, my favorite restaurant.

    On my Birthday I always make a list of goals that I want to accomplish during the next year of my life (in this case as a 25-year-old).  I put down important things like, “be a good mom”.  I also usually have some running goals like the times I want to run and the races I want to win.  Most importantly however, I always include to “fuel my bones”.  I keep a goal every year to fuel my sport and match my exercise with healthy nutrition.  Even though I eat very well and have good bone density, keeping “excellent nutrition” as a goal to maintain my strength and health is always a good way to remember how…