Program Overview

When you join, you receive The Osteoporosis Book: Bone Health 4th edition, by Gwen Ellert MEd, BScN and have access to tools and resources approved by our world renown Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.

Benefits include:
• Practical tools to reinforce bone healthy behaviors
• Ready-to-present PowerPoint community presentations and educational handouts
• Ongoing bone health education, tutorials, and training materials
• Opportunities to participate in our national programs
• Listing your practice on our website

The one-time membership fee is $45.

What we expect from our Bone Safe Physical Therapists
1) As a Peer Educator, we ask you to participate in at least one American Bone Health program every year. You can choose from our national signature events or give a community talk to spread awareness of bone health, osteoporosis, and fracture prevention.
2) We want you to be current with new developments in the bone field and participate in at least one-hour of continuing education in bone health per year.
3) Let us know about your Peer Educator outreach by completing a brief on-line survey from us quarterly.