Our Donors

Everything that American Bone Health does is enhanced by the generosity of our corporate and individual supporters who invest in osteoporosis and fracture prevention every year. This list below celebrates each donor who gave to American Bone Health in 2019.


Cabot Cheese Cooperative*
Joffa and Ellen Dale
Hologic, Inc.
The Lake Merritt*
Lilly & Co

Linda and James Murphy
North East Georgia Medical Center*
Shenandoah Foundation
Susan G. Komen
The Uplands Family Foundation Wake Forest Baptist Health*

$1,000 - $4,999

Morrie Berson
Doug Bonetti
Paul Cline*
Kathleen Cody and Steve Argyris
Brenda Davis
Evan Davis

The Hill Family Charitable Foundation Rosalind and Sung-Hou Kim
Karen and John McGuinn
Ronald J. and Grace C. Ruggiero
Carl Sanders, Esq.

$500 - $999

Mrs. Amy Anderson and Dr. Ryan Anderson
Karen Angell
Delta Phi Lambda at Clemson University, Sigma Chapter
Maddy Dychtwald
Eric Hall*
Dr. Wendy Kohrt
Drs. Ivy and Bill Kwong

Mrs. Shelley and Dr. Dick Powers
Dolores Shoback M.D. and John Imboden M.D.
Dr. Fred Singer
The University of Connecticut, courtesy of Delta Phi Lambda, Rho Chapter
Gloria Valdespino
Kathy Williams EdD and Dr. Ron Williams

$100 - $499

Amazon Smile
Adam Anderson
Karen and Ray Azzi
Steve Berley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Block
Dr. Laura Tosi Chu and David Chu
Sandra Coburn, CFP
Edmund M. and Patricia Cody
Donna Covey and John Yacono
Delta Phi Lambda at Georgia Institute of Technology, Zeta Chapter
Delta Phi Lambda at Loyola University, Chicago, Kappa Chapter
Delta Phi Lambda at University of Central Florida, Epsilon Chapter
Delta Phi Lambda at University of Georgia, Alpha Chapter
Sally De Witt
Ann Duveneck and Tom Panas
Jackie Ellis
Gina Enriquez
Pat FitzGerald and Gregory
Dobrich Genesis Healthcare*
Susan Hammer

Victoria and Lawrence Heiges
Dr. Risa Kagan and Dr. Richard Stern
Dr. David Karpf
Dr. Wendy and Mr. Seth Katzman
Dr. Gloria and Dr. Sanford Ma
James McDonnell
Valerie Morgenstern
Jeanne F. Nichols, PhD, FACSM, CBDT
Rosemarie Politzer
Laurie Reich
Stacy Sanders Richens
Kathy Sharp PhD MPH
Art and Liz Spander
Al Thomas and Mary Leittem-Thomas
Rich and Casey Thompson
Brookes McIntyre and Coleman Travelstead
Jane Pura
Dr. Aimee Shu MD
Karyn Staples
Lynn and Thomas Trowbridge

$1 - $99

James and Mary Aram
Carrie Argyris
Vivian and David Auslander
Carol Axford
Joan Belton
Monica Berson and Siraj Omar
Karen Bollen
Brenda Bowen
Colleen Brennan
Jim Carson
Susan and Harvey Chin
Julie Clark
LA Clayton
Barbara Cleveland
Pat Cote-Miles
Ann Marie Cox
Denise Crowley
Donna Cuddy
Tiffany Donaldson
Lynne Eggers
Pat Erskine
Meredith Farley
Cynthia Feathers
Kimberly Monroe Fowler
Jordan Fuqua
Lena Gelland
Akila Gibbs
Claire Gill
BJ Gilzean
Judy Goodfellow
Sharon Graham
Karen Hacker
Debra Hanavan
Jane Hamilton
Barbara Hoffer
Lyn Hopmeier
Honey Hong
Amy Huckwell
Sue Humphries
Alyce and Eric Jones

Gail Kamerer
Roseann Krane
Karen Kromhout
Dee Lohr
Dianne Lynch
Teresa Maldonado-Marchok
Timothy Manzone MD, JD
Brenda Marion
Heidi Mayer and Gun Bolin Katherine Maxwell
Joan McCall
Melanie Miller
Penny Mitchell
Vicki Morgan
Andi Morgenthaler
Mary Ann Morris
Network for Good Kenny Nguyen
Kelly and Jason Obrien
Pat Ortman
Carleen Payne
Lisa Qualls
James Richens
Laura Richens
Mark Richens
Nikki Richens
Stuart Richens
Andrew Robinson
Rebekah Rotstein
Claire Ruocchio
Donna Schnatz
Cindy Schumaker
Donna Schuppert
Mike Smith
Kay Staples
Jane Stemkoski
Cindy Tysinger
Jane Welch
Loretta Whitson
Diane and William Willey
Julian Williams
Phyllis Williams

What to know about bone health
and fracture prevention during COVID-19

  • Remove fall dangers in your home.
  • Stay physically active, and at least 6 feet away from others.
  • Eat for proper nutrition, and take a supplement if needed to get enough calcium and vitamin D.
  • Stick with your osteoporosis medicines and ask your doctor for extra if you’re unable to go to the pharmacy.
  • If you are due for Reclast, there is little concern about delaying for a few weeks or months.
  • If you take Prolia or Evenity injections, don’t miss your appointment.  Some facilities offer “drive-through” injections. Check with your doctor.
  • Bone density testing can be postponed, if necessary.
  • Speak with your doctor about the possibility of telephone and video visits.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a page with steps you can take to reduce your risk of catching the virus if you have a chronic illness.

Be well. We are here for you if you have any questions.