• Karns Senior Center Evemt

    11 May 2017 Karns Senior Center

    Community Talk and table for literature. QUS Heel screenings offered afterwards.

  • 2nd Annual Calcium Challenge

    Only 25% of Americans get the recommended daily allowance of calcium every day. When faced with lack of circulating calcium, the body takes calcium from the bones. Over time, this results in bone loss and fractures. There are many sources of calcium in the foods we eat. American Bone Health helps people understand the best sources of…

  • Strang Mini Senior Expo

    14 June 2017 Strang Sr Center

    Table with literature and will offer balance test using Balance Track System.

  • 5th Annual Freedom From Fractures

    Two million preventable fractures occur each year. To reduce the number of fractures, American Bone Health has proclaimed the 2nd Saturday in July as a national fracture risk screening day. We are determined to raise awareness about the risk of fractures and help people keep their bones strong for life.

  • 3rd Annual Stepping Out Strong

    Every 13 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency department for a fall – and falls are the leading cause of hip fractures. To keep people on their feet, American Bone Health does balance screenings and shows people simple exercises to improve their strength and prevent falls.