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Exercise & Physical Activity

New Years Resolutions!

The holidays are over and everyone is getting back into his or her routines and everyday life. Chilly days and the thought that there are

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Heat Wave!

It has been so hot in the Bay Area the past 5 days.  On Monday it heated up to 106 degrees where I live!  Training

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I just got back from Hawaii! Here in the Bay Area, we have had some serious rain this season, so to take a week and

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Boys Lose Bone Too!!!

I recently read an article about a professional cyclist named Blake Caldwell.  He was a rider for a team called Garmin Slipstream, which is a

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The Holiday Season!

Now that it’s December, I can finally feel the season changing. From the frost on the ground in the mornings to the packed parking lot

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The Jogger Stroller

My son, Ramsey, is now almost six months old. It has been incredible to watch him develop and go through the stages of infancy so quickly. Each day he does something new, whether it is a sound or physical movement. When babies are first born they can’t do anything. The first month, my mom called Ramsey my “luggage” because he used to sleep all day and I would just carry him around in his car seat. Slowly however, he

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Back to Racing!

Last week, I had my first race since I gave birth to my son.  It was a low-key cross-country race held by the USA Track

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