Howard, Age 82

I was born in Mt. Vernon, South Dakota. I grew up with five brothers and four sisters, sharing a small five-room house with no running water and an outhouse. 

I attended grammar school and highschool in Mitchell, South Dakota.  I was a very active, athletic child, playing on three different sports teams.  Fresh out of highschool, I got a job with United Airlines working there forty-two years.

The love of my life, Violet, and I got married on October 26, 1946. We were married for fifty years. I was widowed in 1996.

I attended a Senior Health Fair recently. There was a table set up for osteoporosis testing. It was here that I found out that I had very low bone density, which meant I had osteoporosis.  Like so many people, I had no idea I had osteoporosis.  It came as a surprise to me because I had always been an active person and even now, in my later years, I still like to sail and kayak.