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I experienced my second major facture in 2016, just 13 months after the first. I tripped and fell and broke my humerus. It was time to pay more attention to my bone health.

I found American Bone Health about a year earlier, after being diagnosed with osteoporosis. This organization offers tremendous resources, and I turned to them again after my second fracture to improve my bone health. I also trained to be a Peer Educator so I could help others.

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As a Peer Educator leading free American Bone Health workshops, I’ve found that seniors are hungry to learn how to improve their bone health. But they’re also scared. They see how debilitating falls can drastically impact lives, but they’re not sure how to prevent them.

Resources provided by American Bone Health can help them take action. The Fracture Risk
CalculatorTM is an online tool that asks a set of questions to help assess the chance of breaking a bone in the next 10 years. The results offer a great opportunity to speak with your doctor about the next steps for bone health.

In a recent American Bone Health survey, 97 percent of participants said their Fracture Risk Calculator results motivated them to act to protect their bones.

The good news is we have the power to strengthen our bones, which is exactly what I did after my osteoporosis diagnosis and subsequent fractures. Now I’m thrilled to say that through weight training and other lifestyle changes, my diagnosis has been reduced to osteopenia.

I’m also a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor and post-surgery exercise specialist who brings rehabilitation to older adults in their homes. Every day I incorporate what I’ve learned at American Bone Health into my work. I help people to stand tall, increase their balance and prevent falls.

Bone health should be a priority. We need to make sure that American Bone Health can continue offering impactful resources that can change lives.

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Barbara Hoffer
American Bone Health Peer Educator and Supporter
Oakland, California

Most of us only remember our bones when there is a problem.

American Bone Health recently conducted a survey of people whose average age was 65: 68 percent of participants were at moderate to high risk of an osteoporosis-related fracture within the next 10 years. But only 16 percent of the high-risk participants were on an osteoporosis medicine that could reduce their risk of fractures.

In another survey, 62 percent of respondents believe that not knowing the importance of bone health is the biggest barrier to making it a priority. Only 30 percent have a bone health plan in place.

How will your gift make an impact?

American Bone Health provides programs and services to teach men and women over 45 about their risk of osteoporosis and fractures, and gives them simple steps to take charge of their bone health.

One tool is the American Bone Health Fracture Risk Calculator™. The online calculator asks a set of questions to help assess your level of risk of a fracture in the next 10 years. Then you can take your results to your doctor and speak about the next steps you should take to keep your bones strong. 

97 percent of survey participants said their Fracture Risk Calculator results motivated them to act to protect their bones.


Please join our efforts and help American Bone Health continue offering the Fracture Risk Calculator and other programs and services that can change the course of bone health for you or a loved one.

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What to know about bone health
and fracture prevention during COVID-19

  • Remove fall dangers in your home.
  • Stay physically active, and at least 6 feet away from others.
  • Eat for proper nutrition, and take a supplement if needed to get enough calcium and vitamin D.
  • Stick with your osteoporosis medicines and ask your doctor for extra if you’re unable to go to the pharmacy.
  • If you are due for Reclast, there is little concern about delaying for a few weeks or months.
  • If you take Prolia or Evenity injections, don’t miss your appointment.  Some facilities offer “drive-through” injections. Check with your doctor.
  • Bone density testing can be postponed, if necessary.
  • Speak with your doctor about the possibility of telephone and video visits.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a page with steps you can take to reduce your risk of catching the virus if you have a chronic illness.

Be well. We are here for you if you have any questions.