Medical & Scientific Advisory Board

Our world renown experts and leaders in the field of bone health advise us on the latest in science and research. They help us communicate relevant evidence-based information to the public in a way that is practical and useful.


In memoriam we honor Claude Arnaud, MD, FACE and Betsy McClung, MN RN

  • Shirin Hooshmand, PhD

    Shirin Hooshmand, PhD

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  • Risa Kagan, MD, CCD

    Risa Kagan, MD, CCD

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  • David B. Karpf, MD

    David B. Karpf, MD

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  • Wendy Kohrt, PhD

    Wendy Kohrt, PhD

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  • Dolores Shoback, MD

    Dolores Shoback, MD

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  • Aimee Shu, MD

    Aimee Shu, MD

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  • Frederick Singer, MD

    Frederick Singer, MD

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  • Laura L Tosi, MD

    Laura L Tosi, MD

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  • Sally Warner, PhD

    Sally Warner, PhD

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  • Nancy F. Woods, PhD RN

    Nancy F. Woods, PhD RN

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  • Joan McGowan, PhD

    Joan McGowan, PhD

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Board Emeritus

  • Claude Arnaud, MD, FACE, Past President

  • Michael McClung, MD

  • Betsy McClung, MN RN

  • Bruce Ettinger, MD