Board of Directors

Our amazing leaders share their time and talent to help us reach our goals.

We are grateful for all that they do.


In memoriam we honor Pete Meyer, PhD

  • Brenda Davis MS

    Brenda Davis MS

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  • Doug Bonetti

    Doug Bonetti

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  • Kathleen Cody, MBA

    Kathleen Cody, MBA

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  • Paul Cline

    Paul Cline

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  • Evan Davis

    Evan Davis

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  • Julie Power Pantiskas

    Julie Power Pantiskas

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  • Shelley Powers

    Shelley Powers

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  • Katherine Sharp, PhD, MPH

    Katherine Sharp, PhD, MPH

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  • Kathy Williams, EdD

    Kathy Williams, EdD

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Advisors and Former Board Members

  • Amy Anderson MBA RN

  • Sherri Betz PT GCS CEEAA

  • Pamela Becker Dean MPH

  • Dale Block

  • Marlene Cowan

  • Joffa Dale

  • Ellen Doefer RN

  • Patricia Frazer

  • Steven Gomberg MD

  • Herbert Grevious MBA

  • Marjorie M. Heinzer PhD PNP-BC CRNP

  • Joan Hill

  • Karen McGuinn

  • Linda Murphy MPH

  • Tom O'Malley

  • Kathy Perez

  • Molly Peterson

  • Celia Sandel

  • Lynn Trowbridge

  • Gina Enriquez