Radiography and Fluoroscopy Supervisor and Operator

PLEASE NOTE: After July 28th, we will no longer be providing either of the Fluoroscopy/Radiography courses. 

DXA sites that operate bone density equipment are required to have a medical doctor with a Radiography Supervisor and Operator license issued by the California Department of Public Health Radiology Health Branch to supervise the operation of the machine. Unlike the technician certification, there is no prerequisite for the physician Radiography Supervisor and Operator examination. 


How do I apply for the State Radiologic or Fluoroscopy Supervisor/Operator Exam?

To apply for the state exam, complete the California Department of Public Health Application Form. You will receive a notification letter from CDPH-RHB, within 30 calendar days of submission of your application, of one of the following:
• That your application is complete and the CDPH-RHB’s decision regarding your application;
• That your application is acceptable, what examination(s), if applicable, you must pass within 180 days in order to complete your application, and instructions on how to submit payment of the non-refundable examination fee; or
• That your application is not accepted for filing and what specific information, documentation or fee you must submit within 30 calendar days in order for CDPH-RHB to consider the application acceptable.

Can I take the State Fluoroscopy Exam if I am a Radiologic Technologist?

No, you are not allowed to take the Supervisor Operator exam. You must complete a 40 hour fluoro course in order to take the tech Fluoro exam.