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Foot Exercises to Prevent Falls

You are never too young or old to improve your foot health. Take them for a walk and do regular flexibility and resistance exercises.

Exercise is good for your feet. It will keep them in shape and help reduce falls and possible fractures. Take time to work these into your daily routine and you won’t be disappointed – you should see improvement in no time!

To avoid slips and falls, you may want to be barefoot and have a chair, desk, or wall nearby that you can use for balance. Don’t do foot exercises if they cause you any pain. And if you have arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, or structural foot problems that might affect your ability to exercise, consult with your doctor first.


When you walk, be sure to take each foot through its entire range of motion. Start with the heel, roll through the arch and push off of your toes. This will give all of the muscles, ligaments and tendons an opportunity to stretch.

Flexibility exercises

Exercises that improve flexibility help keep your feet limber. Don’t worry if your feet have grown stiff with age; studies show that no matter how old you are, you can still improve your flexibility. The easiest way to build flexibility is through slow and gentle daily stretches.

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Calculate Your Risk

The American Bone Health Fracture Risk Calculator™ estimates fracture risk for women and men over age 45.

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