Help! My Kids Don’t Like Milk?

Help! My Kids Don’t Like Milk?

It isn’t wrong for a parent to tell their kids to drink a tall glass of milk to grow big and strong like mommy or daddy. But it may be ineffective if your kid has no taste for milk in the first place. So while milk “does a body good”, it is not the only solution.

Try substituting milk instead of water in oatmeal and soups as well as mixing milk into fruit smoothies. Also, chocolate milk is a great source of calcium without the plain milk taste.

Other calcium options include tofu with calcium, cheese, almonds, yogurt, calcium fortified juices and smaller amounts in dark green veggies like broccoli. There are many breads and cereals that now offer more calcium, but always make sure to check the nutrition labels on the package.

For more ideas, check out our page on Getting Calcium in Your Diet.

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