How Much Physical Activity Do You Need?

How Much Physical Activity Do You Need?

Along with calcium and vitamin D, physical activity is key to building strong bones. Luckily, it’s also a lot of fun!

You need 60 minutes of physical activity every day — and bone-strengthening activities at least three days a week.

Check out the list of activities that are good for your bones.

Ready to get started? Choose an activity below to learn more about the sport. Once you’re in the know, grab your BFF and get moving!

activ_badminton activ_basketball
activ_cheerleading activ_dancing
activ_iceskate activ_gymnastics
activ_hiking activ_jumprope
activ_running activ_skiing
activ_soccer activ_softball
activ_taekwondo activ_tennis
activ_volley activ_walking
activ_weight activ_yoga

What about swimming and biking?

Swimming, which is good for your heart and other muscles, isn’t the best choice for building bones. Ever notice how you feel a lot lighter in a pool? Water cuts down on the pull of gravity, so your bones don’t really get a good workout. Riding your bike is also not an activity that’s best for your bones. Just like water, the bike is actually doing the work for you. These activities are fun, though, and good for your health! Just make sure you mix in some best-for-bones activities too.

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