Golden Rules For Good Bone Health

Good bone health habits are entirely up to you. Follow the golden bone health rules.

Bone Health Rule # 1: Adequate calcium and vitamin D

Since our bones are 70% mineral and are being constantly remodeled (new bone replacing older bone), it is critical to get sufficient calcium everyday for the replacement process. Looking at it in another way, we are rebuilding about 10% of our skeleton every year — and that takes a significant amount of calcium to avoid thinning of our bones. The most effective way to get the required amount of calcium is through our diet. But if you do not eat much diary, one of the easiest sources of dietary calcium, you may have to add a calcium supplement. Check your daily recommended requirements and the amount of calcium in common foods.

Along with calcium, we must have adequate amounts of vitamin D since this vitamin is the “catalyst” that allows your body to absorb and use calcium. Vitamin D helps calcium get absorbed in the intestine. So even if you are getting lots of calcium, without vitamin D, it won’t be available to help keep your bones strong. Check for daily requirements for Vitamin D.

Bone Health Rule #2: Weight bearing exercise

Weight bearing exercise is the second of the golden rules for good bones. Exercise plays two important roles. Weight bearing exercise 1) stimulates bone formation and 2) keeps your muscular core strong — helping improve strength and balance. Improving balance and strength can help reduces falls and fractures.

Bone Health Rule #3: Get tested

When it is appropriate, ask your doctor to order a bone density test or DXA. Since bone loss is silent, having this test may be your first indication that you may be at risk for fractures. If you have reason to be concerned because of medications you may take or other health issues, don’t wait until you are 65. The sooner you know your bone status the sooner you and your doctor can determine any additional steps to take to keep your bones strong.

Reviewed: 3/20/19

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