Do I Need a Calcium Supplement?

Do I Need a Calcium Supplement?

Before you take a daily calcium supplement, know how much calcium you are eating in your diet. Use the CALCIUM RULE OF 300.

  1. Start with the number of servings of dairy you get each day
  2. Multiply that by 300.
  3. Add 300 if you eat a well-balanced diet.
  4. The total is your calcium intake from diet.
  5. Determine your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) and add a supplement – if necessary – to reach your goal.

NOTE: you might be able to reach your recommended daily allowance by adding another serving of dairy or fortified juice!

CALCIUM RULE OF 300 Number of Servings Multiply by 300 mg   Total 

Dairy or fortified juices

Example: 1 cup low fat milk or yogurt, or 1 cup calcium fortified juice.

  X 300 mg =  
Calcium from a balanced diet     + 300
My total calcium from diet     =  

BOTTOM LINE – Only take calcium supplements to make up the difference between what you get in your diet and your RDA.

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